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                                  Every wallflower blooms at their own perfect time, but some like quirky Lo, take longer than others.

                                  Lo is a sheltered 20-year-old who loves baking, manga/anime, and octopi. When she spots her college swim team’s tryout flyer sporting her favorite sea creature, an octopus she knows it’s a sign that she must join the Flying Octopi. The only things standing her way are her social awkward nature and the fact that she just learned to swim.

                                  Will Lo find her place to shine or will her social anxiety DQ her dreams?


                                  An unlikely duo, Vince Bartone, a broke private investigator and Duke Ellington, a snobby cat, pair up to find whether Lord Owen was a victim of a burglary gone bad or something more sinister.

                                  Will they be able to solve the crime before the criminal strikes again?



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